Keyra "perfect ass" Agustina

Welcome to the webs most complete photo gallery of Keyra Agustina, the "World's Most Perfect Ass". Keyra was first made famous when Howard Stern mentioned on-air that he had finally found the World's Most Perfect Ass, after finding these webcam photos and videos Keyra made herself. Keyra, hailing from Argentina, is now known worldwide as an internet legend and the most famous webcam tease girl.

After achieving notariety and fame from her photos and videos, Keyra and her perfect ass began getting attention from popular magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse. While Keyra has so far rejected offers from both Playboy and Penthouse, she did agree to show off her amazing ass in Maxim magazine. There are very few photos of Keyra's face, however you will find a couple within this massive archive of photos of her beautiful ass. Enjoy!

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Amateur Keyra Agustina shows her Perfect Round Ass using her webcam